The past 8 years have seen me working on a variety of projects, beginning with a nursery in central Birmingham in 2008 and since then I haven't looked back. Ideas for projects have been varied and dependant upon each organisations needs. I have worked across the curriculum with students of all ages, helping them to develop their skills using art as a medium to explore and unlock their potential in creative ways. 


The past 5 years have seen the development of my practice into community based projects, working alongside a local Nursery and being funded by WDC. Each project has been considered and developed to suit the needs of those participating. We have worked together, families exploring how creativity can help those who may be struggling or perhaps suffering a sense of displacement in todays ever changing world. These projects were developed and created as sustainable ideas for future development.


A series of workshops were developed after being noted on the 2013, AS Art & Design exam, which were to be delivered to Colleges around the UK. Our aim was to explore my practice and find ways of helping the students to develop and incorporate new techniques and ideas into their own work.


I have been fortunate over these years to have been funded by the Arts Council, WDC, Schools and other organisations, which have helped me to develop my skills and enhance my practice. I am always keen to work on new potential projects, so if you have an idea or would like to chat further with me about this, please click on the link below, anything is possible.