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New product - Printed wooden living gifts

New kids on the screen printed wooden blocks which house beautiful succulents are at last available for sale. There is nothing better than having a vision and it turns out exactly as you designed it, add a friend who supplies the succulents and the job is done.

Who doesn't love to 'give' a living gift, something to nurture and care for, especially during these dreadful times we find ourselves in. With the end of Lockdown 2 in sight I am hoping that there may be a brief window of opportunity to sell them before Christmas....if you are interested, please contact me, they come with a care package and will bring such joy! 

Insta photo joy!

Photography and me!

Photography has been a huge part of my creative process for about 7 years. It began back on my Art & Design foundation course and developed into something more unique during my degree at university. I am totally addicted to working out my ideas in a sketchbook, every day I draw, photograph and document ideas, this way of working is important to me. My experimentations within the photography studio at university were key in developing how I work today. The photography and art each feeding the other, with the photography sometimes becoming the artwork itself. 

Day 2 & 3 of Screen-printing exploration - positives and negatives JANUARY 2020

#Students are inspirational 

It was fascinating to watch how Sue worked, playing with screen-printing for the first time. We picked up a screen for Sue over a year ago and we still hadn't christened it, but we have now!! 

If you would like to see more images go to my instagram page - link on main page OR PEEK in the students gallery 

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Ok, if you haven't been already, then you should - take a trip and see my work and others in the 'Soul to Sole' exhibition. Not only is it a fascinating array of shoes, you get to see Croome and meet the amazing volunteers that work there!

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