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Insta photo joy!

Photography and me!

Photography has been a huge part of my creative process for about 7 years. It began back on my Art & Design foundation course and developed into something more unique during my degree at university. I am totally addicted to working out my ideas in a sketchbook, every day I draw, photograph and document ideas, this way of working is important to me. My experimentations within the photography studio at university were key in developing how I work today. The photography and art each feeding the other, with the photography sometimes becoming the artwork itself. 

To Blog or not!

Time to decide:
It has taken me a while to find myself creatively since I have had to leave the large scale sculptural felt pieces behind. My hands aren't as happy as they used to be and we have to adapt, don't we?? I am still a creative but the mediums of choice have shifted. Perhaps the blog in conjunction with my instagram account will help me to explore more creatively and the documentation will help the development of ideas and thus will bring me some joy?

Day 2 & 3 of Screen-printing exploration - positives and negatives JANUARY 2020

#Students are inspirational 

It was fascinating to watch how Sue worked, playing with screen-printing for the first time. We picked up a screen for Sue over a year ago and we still hadn't christened it, but we have now!! 

If you would like to see more images go to my instagram page - link on main page OR PEEK in the students gallery 

#creativeplay #ideas #workshopjoy #haveago #screenprintingfun 

3 day screen-printing workshop - positives and negatives - JANUARY 2020

3 days of playful experimentation with Sue - screen-printingDay 1 trying out a painterly approach to screen-printing which I thought Sue would enjoy. It is always enjoyable experimenting with others because it doesn't matter how many times you do something, you learn something new each time!

What a great way to start the New Year......great work Sue 

Tuition Joys with Fflur and Elin

Helping others to unlock their creativity.....Fl_in2018 - check them out on instagram

I am so lucky to work alongside some amazing people and of all ages. Every week I join Fflur and now Elin to help them unlock their ideas and potential. It has been a few years now since we first met and it is interesting to see how Fflur has developed over this time. 

Recently we set up an Instagram account, which is run by Elin and the girls work very hard to design and make things to sell. Our sell as much as we can, spending as little money as possible by re-utilising old scraps of materials etc. THEN, they donate half of the funds received, which go to 'Dogs for Good' and the rest goes back into the kitty to help buy equipment and enable them to make more.

They are both amazing young ladies and every week brings a smile to my face as I don't always know what will happen as they like to keep me on my toes, which is great.......

If you would like to see more of their work and others, click the link below or go to 'Students Gallery'

Ok, if you haven't been already, then you should - take a trip and see my work and others in the 'Soul to Sole' exhibition. Not only is it a fascinating array of shoes, you get to see Croome and meet the amazing volunteers that work there!

I have wanted to make Christmas baubles for some time now and it isn't always easy to incorporate things that you love, but I am hoping that you like them and they are for sale from 27th November at Rugby Art Gallery. Each little bauble is totally unique as is the design.....enjoy

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